About Wingtrim

Wingtrim Paragliding Services was started in 2022 by Tom McMeakin when he discovered the increasing number of pilots and increasing lead times for a paraglider service in the other UK based service centres. We provide a professional and thorough service using the best tools and techniques and do our best to ensure that you are without your kit for as little amount of time as possible, maximising your possible airtime!
We provide a next day parachute repack service, replacement lines made within a day and our aim is to turnaround your paraglider service within 2/3 days.
As well as the standard services that we have on offer, we are always happy to help so please feel free to get in touch for any advice / additional services.

Based at the Bath & West showground, Somerset, Wingtrim is well situated for pilots in the South West to drop in, witness a service, understand how to repack a reserve parachute, learn some tips for field repairs or even for a coffee and a chat!

We have a harness hanger if you need to adjust your new harness, 3D printing facility for any ideas you would like brought to life for your gliding / motoring projects and space for anyone wanting to complete their pilot / advanced pilot exams.

Based on an agricultural showground, there is plenty of space for us to ground handle your glider after any work in order to ensure everything is as it should be! We also use this space for training if you wanted to convert to paramotoring! Get in touch to learn more.

Tom McMeakin

The owner and chief technician at Wingtrim, Tom has been paragliding and paramotoring since 2010. In this time, he has flown all over the world and now shares his love for the sport as a BHPA instructor and tandem pilot.

Starting his career as an aerospace engineer, Tom wanted to pursue his passion for paragliding and paramotoring and took a sabbatical to focus on the instruction. An opportunity arose to start Wingtrim and so Tom undertook some training with Alexandre Paux (Sky Paragliders & MCC paragliders) in order to improve his competence in parachute packing and glider servicing. Tom is a BHPA repacker.

With a background in data analytics and a keen passion to innovate, Tom is currently working on an app to enable service centres, schools and individual pilots to accurately trim gliders. This will be a universal tool and will be available online. More info coming soon!

If you want to learn to fly, or would like a conversion to paragliding / paramotoring then get in touch!